Thinking about relocating to Malta?
Here’s why it’s a brilliant idea

Located at the crosshairs of the Mediterranean, our idyllic archipelago enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, which has been described as a ‘near perfect climate’ by International Living Magazine. In addition, Malta enjoys the crystalline cobalt waters that surround it, making it ideal for swimming, sailing and diving amongst others.

With over 3,000 years of documented history, it comes as no surprise that this island is as colourful as its seas and skies, and that’s literally just the beginning. Populated by some of the friendliest, English speaking people you’ll ever encounter, Malta has proven to be a vastly popular location both in terms of business, as well as in terms of lifestyle and wellbeing.

In fact, Malta is internationally renowned and sought after for its advantageous taxation system that offers considerable savings to retired EU/EEA citizens, as well as tax-friendly procedures when it comes to moveable property. Malta also enjoys a number of favourable double-taxation agreements with a number of key countries, making tax efficiency a sustainable priority.

Political stability, excellent access and transportation opportunities, as well as a robust banking framework place Malta at the forefront of international business operations. In addition, Malta is also considered a reputable jurisdiction for incorporating low-tax companies that has been compared with the likes of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Finally, reasonable cost of living, excellent English speaking schooling facilities, and a buoyant property market all add value to this centrally located EU member state that definitely offers more than meets the eye.