PG Cert in iGaming (30 ECTS)

This is a post graduate certificate that forms the basis for further qualifications at diploma or masters level in iGaming Technology or iGaming Data and Analytics.  The certificate gives students a good introduction to the world of gaming and what it represents to the country and the world in general.  It also covers some legal aspects of the gaming world and then ventures into the technical aspects that are the foundations for further studies.  Apart from serving as a cornerstone for further academic development the certificate in itself is sufficiently strong from a technical perspective to give professionals who acquire this qualification a competitive advantage when applying for positions within this industry.

Module ECTS Value TLH
Game Theory 3 40
Laws and Regulations of the gaming industry 3 40
The Online Gaming Industry 3 40
Working within Agile and Scrum environments 3 40
Game Programming (applied design research in computer game design) 6 80
Gaming Software Applications 6 80
Research Methods 6 80

PG Dip In iGaming – Technology (30 ECTS)

Building on the PG-Cert this qualification takes the student through the taught components required to take positions in the industry related to front-end and back-end software development, platform engineer, QA engineer, Web developer and other software developer positions even at senior level.  The igaming industry is exciting but also technically very challenging and fast moving and this qualification provides the right type of environment to both inform and form the right type of professionals.

Module ECTS Value TLH
Graphics Web Development in HTML5 and Javascript (e.g. using Phaser or RPG Maker) 3 40
Working with SQL and NoSQL Databaes 3 40
Advanced Graphics (Illumination, Anti-aliasing, exploiting graphics hardware) 6 80
Delivery of Multimedia objects in Games 6 80
Game Production (process, prototyping, risk management, project planning, QA, etc) 6 80
Sound and Music for Games 6 80

Masters in Gaming – Technology

For those students who have been successful in the PGDip and have therefore acquired a solid expertise in the technology aspect of this industry but want to test their abilities to further research and innovate, the Masters Degree tops up the PGDip with a substantial research element.  The research project will typically be completed in collaboration with industry thus giving the student an even better exposure to the real world of gaming.


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