Invest in Yourself

A selection of Certificate, Diploma and Masters programmes

MCAST Diploma in iGaming

MCAST, in collaboration with the European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM), is offering this course as the first step to become familiar with the iGaming industry. The course is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills required to consider working in such an exciting and innovative industry.The course is a pre-requisite for the follow-up 2-year Level 4 Advanced Diploma Programme. At this level of study, students will be introduced to fundamental subjects in the iGaming, web development, multimedia and basic data analysis.Also, this course includes a two week work exposure, to help students form a clear idea of the nature of the ICT vocation they intend to follow.

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Masters in iGaming – Technology

For those students who have been successful in the PGDip and have therefore acquired a solid expertise in the technology aspect of this industry but want to test their abilities to further research and innovate, the Masters Degree tops up the PGDip with a substantial research element.  The research project will typically be completed in collaboration with industry thus giving the student an even better exposure to the real world of igaming.

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Masters in iGaming – Data and Analytics

Students who have acquired a PGDip in the same area can enrol in this Masters Programme.  The students will work on a research project and will thus develop further their skills and abilities to innovate and do deep analysis of real life situations.  Students who acquire this qualification should prove to be excellent material for senior managerial positions that require a deep understanding and skills in analytics.  Typical positions could be Head of Analytics and Analytics Manager.

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