Aligning the gaming and digital sector education to industry’s needs and requirements


Welcome to the European Gaming Institute of Malta. Our purpose serves to provide highest educational standards that meet the needs of talent acquisitors with a focus on the gaming Industry.


The European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM) is a joint venture between the MGA and MCAST which has the objective of developing training and educational programmes for the gaming industry.

EGIM aims to offer the best possible mix of short-term courses, diplomas and masters programmes for potential candidates coming from non-related gaming industries to familiarise themselves with an area of choice within the gaming industry to achieve adequate knowledge and skills. 


Our Partners

Established in 2001, the MCAST is the country’s leading vocational education and training institution.  Through our three Colleges, namely Foundation, Techncial and University Colleges and six  Institutes in Malta and the Gozo Campus, we offer 180 full-time and over 300 part-time vocational courses ranging from certificates to Master degrees (MQF Level 1 to Level 7).

We collaborate closely with local industries to ensure the knowledge, skills and competencies within our curricular are appropriate and relevant to a dynamic and forward-looking economy.  We support small and medium-sized enterprises through a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses work-based learning through the newly launched Apprenticeships Programme, the various entrepreneurship initiatives and through our MG2I (MCAST commercial arm) services whereby we provide training courses tailor-made to their needs.

Our relationship with industry stimulates the College’s success – our programmes are flexible, relevant and responsive to the aspirations of our students and to the needs of industries which are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a changing global economy.

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